Shuffle Tracking: Blackjack Secret by Arnold Snyder

Shuffle tracking

Shuffle tracking, a sophisticated technique that enables players to track clumps of cards through shuffles and predict when good cards will be dealt, revolutionized the world of blackjack for players like Arnold Snyder. Snyder, who began his journey as a letter carrier, learned the game of blackjack through books such as “Beat the Dealer” and “Playing Blackjack as a Business.” Despite not having a substantial bankroll, he was drawn to the game and the enjoyment it brought him.

Snyder made a name for himself with his booklet “The Blackjack Formula,” which provided a mathematical way of calculating card counting advantages in blackjack games. Later, he released “Blackjack Forum,” a publication dedicated to advantage players. However, it was when Snyder discovered shuffle tracking that he truly excelled at the game.

Learning Shuffle Tracking from Steve Forte

Snyder learned shuffle tracking from Steve Forte, a well-known casino consultant and gaming expert. This technique allowed him to become highly skilled in the game and remain virtually invisible to casino personnel. In 2000, Snyder secured a backer with deep pockets and went on to win significant returns at major casinos.

His memoir “Radical Blackjack” is filled with anecdotes about him and his playing partner, Radar, crushing games in Las Vegas and beyond using shuffle tracking. The technique allowed them to look like bad players who were just lucky, keeping them under the radar of casino staff. Snyder never regretted sharing this technique with others, as he believed that not many people were good at it.

Shuffle Tracking: A Game Changer for Blackjack Players

Shuffle tracking opened up a new way of being in the casino and allowed players to remain invisible. Snyder’s success with the technique is a testament to his skill and his ability to adapt to changing conditions. By mastering shuffle tracking, he was able to gain a significant advantage over the casino and increase his winnings.

Shuffle tracking requires a keen eye, a sharp mind, and a lot of practice. Players must be able to observe and memorize the order of cards during shuffles, anticipate when high-value cards will be dealt, and adjust their bets accordingly. This technique can be highly effective when executed correctly, as demonstrated by Snyder’s success.

Sharing the Knowledge and Growing the Community

Snyder’s willingness to share his knowledge of shuffle tracking with others has helped to grow the community of advantage players. Through his publications and teachings, he has inspired countless individuals to learn and master the technique, enabling them to increase their chances of success at the blackjack table.

While shuffle tracking may not be for everyone, those who are dedicated and persistent in their efforts to learn the technique can reap substantial rewards. As Snyder’s story demonstrates, it is possible to rise from humble beginnings and achieve great success in the world of blackjack through hard work, determination, and the mastery of shuffle tracking.


In conclusion, Arnold Snyder’s journey in the world of blackjack is a testament to the power of shuffle tracking and the impact it can have on a player’s success. By learning and mastering this technique, Snyder was able to gain a significant advantage over the casino, win large returns, and inspire a new generation of advantage players. His story serves as a reminder that, with dedication and persistence, even the most unlikely of individuals can achieve great success in the world of blackjack.

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