Dice Control: Mastering the Art of Craps Victory

Dice control

Dice control is a controversial topic in the world of gambling, with some people believing that it’s possible to manipulate the outcome of a roll by controlling the way the dice land, while others remain skeptical, attributing success to pure luck. One person who was initially skeptical of dice control was Stanford Wong, a respected blackjack card counter and author. However, after attending a Golden Touch Craps class, he tried it out for himself and even wrote a book about it called Wong on Dice.

Learning about Dice Control

In the early 2000s, the author learned about dice control from his friend Frank Scoblete, who had been winning at craps using this technique. Initially doubtful, the author attended a seminar on control and observed the Golden Touch team play craps. He witnessed the dice being tossed 20 times without the appearance of a 7 and even saw monster rolls of up to 40 throws before the 7 appeared.

Golden Touch Dice Control Classes

The Golden Touch team offered intensive two-day classes to teach players the skills needed to be successful at control. The author attended one of these classes and was impressed with the instructors’ mentoring and the practice sessions on throwing stations and regulation-sized craps tables. He even won their No-Sevens contest, which involved rolling the dice the most times without a 7 appearing.

Proving the Influence of Dice Control

To prove that control was influencing the outcome of rolls, the author asked his partner Dan Pronovost to develop a software program called Smart Craps. Using the Pro Test© control test, anyone can determine whether they are influencing the dice enough to have an edge at craps. The data showed that the GTC shooters were influencing the dice enough to have an edge over the casino.

Mastering the Physical Skill of Dice Control

Unlike blackjack card counting, which is a mental skill, control requires mastering a physical skill. The author purchased a practice throwing station but failed to practice regularly due to a busy schedule. He admits that practicing regularly is necessary to be successful at control.

Resources for Learning Dice Control

Golden Touch Craps is a company that teaches people how to master the techniques of control. They even wrote a book called Golden Touch Craps Revolution, which provides detailed instructions and pictures to help readers become successful at control.

If you’re interested in learning more about control, John Grochowski’s The Ultimate Craps Strategy Guide is an excellent resource.


In summary, the author learned about dice control from a friend, observed the Golden Touch team play craps, attended a control class, and had a software program developed to prove that control was influencing the outcome of rolls. He emphasizes the importance of regular practice to be successful at control.

While dice control may be controversial, there are those who swear by it and believe that it can give them an edge at the craps table. Whether or not you believe in it, it’s always important to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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