Video Poker Multiplier Games: Maximize Winnings

Video poker multiplier games

Video poker multiplier games have gained popularity in recent years, with exciting developments making them more thrilling than ever. Two of the latest and most exhilarating games in this category are Super Times Pay Super Streaks and Ultimate X Gold. These games offer players the chance to win big, while also raising the average payback percentages.

Super Times Pay Super Streaks

Super Times Pay Super Streaks is a multiple-hand game that requires an additional wager to activate the bonus features. This game is more volatile due to the increased betting and reliance on bonus multipliers for a significant portion of the payback. However, the average return also increases. Players will occasionally receive stacks of extra hands with a multiplier, with the average multiplier being 4.06 and a maximum of 10.

Ultimate X Gold

Ultimate X Gold is conceptually similar to Ultimate X, but it comes with an interesting twist. The multiplier does not disappear on a losing hand. Instead, it remains in place until the associated winning hand is achieved. More dealt winners increase the multipliers again, with a maximum of 9x.

Both games require an extra bet to activate the feature, which raises the overall payback percentage. While these games are more volatile, the potential for massive wins is present. Players should be mindful of the increased volatility and only play if they can afford the larger bets.

Developments in Video Poker Multiplier Games

IGT and its Action Gaming partner are consistently creating new video poker recipes every year. Super Times Pay and Ultimate X Video Poker remain the most popular favorites, but bonus features have been added to spice up the gameplay.

In online slots, bonus events have become the main course, but video poker is different. The main courses in online casinos, as well as live casinos, have remained the same for decades. Bonuses are there to add some spice and excitement to the game.

Big Payouts in Video Poker Multiplier Games

Video poker multiplier games offer players the chance to win big payouts. For example, in Double Double Bonus, a 9x multiplier on a straight will reward players with 180 coins instead of the usual 20. Once triggered, the multiplier resets to 1x, but other multipliers remain active.

If a player has a 9x multiplier next to four 5s through Kings, it stays until they get four of a kind. The next qualifying quads will pay 2,250 coins instead of 250, even if it takes several hands to achieve. This incentive encourages players to continue playing video poker.

Playing Safely and Responsibly

It’s crucial for players to play safely and within their budget. Betting money that one cannot afford to lose is not recommended. Ultimate X Gold is a fun addition to any video poker menu, but it’s essential to play responsibly.

In conclusion, Super Times Pay Super Streaks and Ultimate X Gold are two of the newest and most exciting video poker multiplier games available. They offer the potential for big wins and raise average payback percentages. If players can afford the larger bets and don’t mind the extra volatility, these games are worth trying. Video poker multiplier games provide an engaging gameplay experience with the possibility of substantial payouts, making them an attractive option for players looking to add some excitement to their gaming experience.

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