Online Slots: Revolutionizing the Game & Innovations

Online slots

Online slots have become the most popular games in live casinos and on the internet, thanks to continuous innovation and invention dating back to the days of mechanical reels. These games rely on random number generators, multiple paylines, animation, video and audio effects, and bonus games. In this article, we will explore the key developments that have contributed to the success of online slots, including cash handling solutions, touch screens, pick-a-prize bonuses, and prize wheels.

Cash Handling Solutions

One of the essential developments in today’s slots is cash handling solutions. In the early days of online casinos, players had to mail paper checks and wait for them to clear before playing. Nowadays, most transfers are electronic, including bank transfers, cash-handling intermediaries such as PayPal and Neteller, and credit cards. In live casinos, bill validators and ticket printers are crucial for video slots to pay off in bar-coded tickets, reducing downtime and hopper jams.

Touch Screens

Touch screens have become an integral part of how we play online slots. Players can start the reels spinning by tapping the bet button on their screen or by touching the screen in live casinos. For pick-a-prize bonuses, players touch the screen to choose a gift box or complete a creative task.

Pick-a-Prize Bonuses

The pick-a-prize bonus was the most successful early solution that gave video slots their breakthrough to popularity. The game that made players and competing manufacturers take notice was WMS Gaming’s Reel ‘Em In, released in 1997. Another bonus favorite that had its roots in the mechanical-reel era is the prize wheel, which we know today on Wheel of Fortune and countless games by multiple game makers.

Prize Wheels

One of the most popular features of modern video and online slots is the prize wheel. It was first introduced in 1996 on the Wheel of Gold game by Anchor Gaming. The wheel was placed on top of a tower affixed to the back of Bally slant-top three-reel slots. When a symbol awarding a wheel spin landed on the reels, players would push a button to start it spinning. The prize wheel was an immediate hit, grabbing the attention of surrounding players whenever it was triggered.

Mystery Jackpots

Another popular feature of online slots is the mystery jackpot. In the early days of video slots, players could bet different amounts on the same game, making it difficult to offer the same jackpots to everyone. To solve this problem, mystery jackpot systems were developed. One such system, developed by Acres Gaming, allows operators to set jackpot parameters. A random number generator selects a total between the minimum and maximum set by the operator. A portion of wagers is added to the pot until it hits the number selected by the RNG. Then the jackpot is awarded to the player whose wager pushed the pot to the winning total.

This system levels the playing field, giving all players a chance to win the same jackpots, regardless of how much they bet. Those who bet more have more chances to win, but players making minimum bets can still win the jackpot. This system paved the way for the multi-level progressives that are now a popular part of the video and online slot mix.

In conclusion, the popularity of online slots and video slots in live casinos is due to innovation and invention that dates back to the days of mechanical reels. Cash handling solutions, touch screens, pick-a-prize bonuses, and prize wheels have all contributed to the success of these games. The inspiration and invention of features like the prize wheel and mystery jackpot have made online slots more exciting and accessible to players of all levels, ensuring their continued success in the gaming industry.

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