Card Counting: The Risks at the Blackjack Table

Card counting

Card counting is a well-known strategy often employed by blackjack players to gain an edge over the casino. This method involves keeping track of the cards dealt, allowing the player to know which cards remain in the deck. While many people assume card counting is illegal, it is not. However, casinos disapprove of the practice and will remove any player they suspect of counting cards.

Although card counting is popular, there are several reasons why you might want to avoid this strategy. In this article, we will discuss these reasons and provide alternatives to card counting for those looking to enjoy blackjack without the added stress.

Thin Profit Margins

The first reason to avoid card counting is that the profit margins are slim. Most players who use this strategy will only win money slowly, if at all. While it is true that some individuals have won large sums of money through card counting, they are the exception rather than the rule.

Lack of Enjoyment

Card counting is not a particularly enjoyable way to play blackjack. It requires hours of concentration, which can detract from the social aspect of playing in a casino. Instead of engaging in conversation with others and sipping on a cold beverage, you will be focused on counting cards.

Difficulty in Mastering Card Counting

Another reason to avoid card counting is the challenge of mastering the skill. You must first learn basic blackjack strategy and then perfect one of the many different card counting systems. Even after you have learned how to count cards, you will need to work hard on your demeanor to avoid giving any indication that you are counting cards.

Large Bankroll Required

To be a successful card counter, you will need a substantial amount of cash to start with. Counting cards only tilts the house edge in your favor by a couple of percent, so there is no guarantee that you will begin winning immediately. You might have to wait weeks, months, or even years to turn a profit, meaning you need to start with a hefty bankroll.

Risk of Getting Caught

The risk of getting caught is another factor to consider when deciding whether to count cards. Although card counting is not illegal, if you are caught doing it, you will be ejected from the casino immediately, and you will not be able to redeem your chips. You will also be banned from returning to the casino and possibly others in the local area.


In conclusion, card counting is a difficult skill to master, and even if you are successful, the risks outweigh the rewards. It is unlikely that you will make a significant amount of money through card counting, and the risk of getting caught and banned from casinos is high. Instead of focusing on card counting, consider enjoying blackjack for fun and exploring other strategies to improve your game.

Alternatives to Card Counting

If you are looking for ways to enhance your blackjack experience without resorting to card counting, there are several alternatives to consider. These may include learning basic strategy, practicing money management techniques, and familiarizing yourself with the different variations of blackjack. By focusing on these aspects of the game, you can improve your skills and enjoy a more fulfilling casino experience without the stress and risks associated with card counting.

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