Blackjack Insiders: Beating the Casino Game

Blackjack Insiders

Blackjack Insiders is a recently published book that tells the thrilling story of Andrew Uyal, a blackjack dealer who managed to beat casinos at their own game. The book, published by Huntington Press, takes readers on an exciting journey as Andrew and his mentor, Mark Stevens, travel across the country to play blackjack professionally.

The Beginning of the Adventure

Andrew Uyal was an up-and-coming employee at the CasaBlanca Casino in Mesquite, Nevada. However, with a recent divorce and a young son to support, he was ready for a change. His shift boss, Mark Stevens, saw potential in Andrew and decided to teach him the art of card counting.

Travels and Triumphs

The Blackjack Insiders chronicles the many trips Andrew and Mark made to casinos across the country, including Las Vegas, New Orleans, Biloxi, Tunica, Vicksburg, Laughlin, California, Wendover, Foxwoods, Kansas City, and St. Louis. They had an aggressive playing style, aiming to win as much money as possible from each casino they visited. They were not concerned about being backed off at any one casino, as they had decided to play blackjack professionally for only a short period of time.

Developing Camaraderie

One of the most striking aspects of the book is the camaraderie that developed between Andrew and Mark. They rarely played together, but after every playing session or extended trip, they would communicate the highs and lows of their experiences. Readers will learn about the many euphoric winning sessions and streaks they enjoyed, as well as the emotional toll that a long losing streak can take on a card counter.

Useful Tips for Card Counters

The Blackjack Insiders also includes valuable tips for card counters, such as using Current Blackjack News to check on the blackjack rules for a casino before visiting, how to cash out a large number of winning casino chips in any one casino, and what to do if you get a tap on the shoulder while playing.

Life-Changing Experiences

Throughout their journey, Andrew and Mark found that playing blackjack professionally was more than just about winning money. When Andrew looked back on his one-year adventure, he wrote that it was a life-changing experience. The Blackjack Insiders reflected on their successful year as professional card counters and how the game of blackjack changed their lives by giving them something productive and engaging to focus on during tough times, helping them financially, and allowing them to travel the country.

A New Beginning

As their journey came to an end, Mark planned to take a 9-5 job at a financial advising company, while Andrew moved to Las Vegas with his son to work in the casino industry. They both believed that the end of their blackjack adventure was just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The Power of Determination and Perseverance

The story of the Blackjack Insiders is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. Andrew and Mark showed that with dedication and hard work, anyone could achieve their goals, even in a seemingly simple game like blackjack. Their experiences serve as an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams and strive for success.

In conclusion, the Blackjack Insiders’ story is a captivating real-life account of how a depressed blackjack dealer took a risk to become a card counter and go on the road to play blackjack professionally for a living. Andrew and Mark’s journey demonstrates the power of determination, perseverance, and friendship, proving that even a simple card game can lead to new beginnings and life-changing experiences.

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